The power for your future

Solar power through the suns renewable energy is becoming more and more in demand these days, covering a large percentage of power systems within various zones for homes and business. Below is an idea of today’s solar systems placement.


Renewable energy and solar power is a constantly-updating industry – newer and more efficient technologies are constantly being developed and implemented. JCIE is committed to bringing our customers the latest and most cost-effective solutions when it comes to renewable energies. Below are some of the products and services we offer:


Solar panels are only as good as the quality and care with which they are installed. With JCIE, you can rest assured that our engineers and technicians are among the most skilled and knowledgeable in the business. All our installation employees are certified to rigorous industry standards and will ensure that not only are your panels are properly and quickly put in place, but are installed so that future maintenance and issues will be kept to an absolute minimum. They will work with you to answer any questions while on the job site, and will treat your panels and property as if it were their own.

Installation of solar

Power Inverter:

A power inverter is a critical component as it converts the highly variable DC power from the PV array into steady AC power. They range in size from very small “micro-inverters”, which are attached to an individual PV module, all the way to very large industrial units. There are many brands and types of inverters that are engineered for specific applications. We have the expertise to select the quality units that are right for your application.

  • Micro-Inverter – Power: 250 Watts
  • String Inverter – Power: 1 – 10 KW (1 KW = 1000 Watts)


For Off Grid or “Dual-mode” applications, batteries are often used to store the unused solar production. They are typically flooded lead-acid batteries. The technology for these has improved greatly over the last several years. It is common for a battery system to last upwards of 10 years with proper maintenance. Battery technology is rapidly increasing, due in no small part to the surge in solar power installations. We are always on top of the best technology and will be among the first to offer the best products to our customers.


Racks and Mounts:

A solar array must be mounted where it has the best, unobstructed view of the sun. This is often, but not always on the roof of a home or building. We are committed to designing a system that not only produces, but working with our customers to make the most visually appealing system.